Bring your family member to Faithful Friends Pet Funeral & Cremation Services based in Rockford, IL

Saying goodbye to your pet is an emotional journey. When deciding what to do with their remains, you want to work with a company that will support you and care for your pet. Faithful Friends Pet Funeral & Cremation Services goes the extra mile for your pet, wrapping them in a soft, beautiful blanket and tending to their appearance before your viewing.

Go to a cremation facility you can depend on for caring, compassionate and loving service in the Rockford, IL area. Call us today.

What makes us different?

When you choose Faithful Friends Pet Funeral & Cremation Services, you can rest assured that our team will...

  • Treat your pet like part of our own family
  • Provide you with your pet's ashes within 72 hours
  • Be there to support you during this time
This is a difficult process for you, but our team wants to make you feel comfortable. Make an appointment with us by calling 779-210-6963 today.