Turn to us for affordable pet cremation services in the Rockford, IL area

Trusting someone with your pet's cremation process is a big decision. You want to find a company that you can depend on to treat your pet with the same level of love and care they received from you every day. Faithful Friends Pet Funeral & Cremation Services offers affordable pet cremation services for families in the Rockford, IL area. We'll make sure you leave with a keepsake to remember your loved one and the support you need to manage your grief.

Our pet cremation services are a $210 flat fee for all pets. Please note that we do not offer cremation services for horses.

Call 779-210-6963 today to schedule an appointment.

Our pet cremation process

Going through the pet cremation process may seem intimidating, but rest assured, Faithful Friends Pet Funeral & Cremation Services is here for you. When you come to us for affordable pet cremation services, we'll handle everything for you and keep you as involved as you'd like.

Our family-owned business will...

  • Pick up your pet from the vet if needed
  • Meet with you to go over all of the documentation
  • Set up an optional viewing for you to say your goodbyes
  • Cremate your pet in an honorable way
  • Preserve your pet's remains in a personalized urn
  • Provide you with support during this time
Your pet's urn will come with a clay paw print with your pet's name on it and a fur clipping so you can remember them fondly. Contact us today for more information.