Personalize a pet urn from our company based in Rockford, IL

Just because you've lost a beloved pet doesn't mean they're completely gone forever. You can preserve your pet's memory with a pet urn from Faithful Friends Pet Funeral & Cremation Services in Rockford, IL. When you trust us to cremate your pet after their passing, we'll put together a personalized urn for you to remember them by. You can also choose to incorporate their ashes into other memorial products, such as pet cremation pendants, glass art and parting stones.

There are so many ways to honor your pet's memory. Reach out to us today to learn more.

A wide variety of memorial products

Everyone grieves differently, and you may have a different way you'd like to remember your pet. In addition to our personalized pet urns, we also offer...

  • Pet cremation pendants and jewelry
  • Parting stones made from loose ashes
  • Glass art that incorporates their ashes
  • Pet caskets if you'd like to forego cremation
  • Personalized headstones and markers
Get yours from Faithful Friends Pet Funeral & Cremation Services today. We'll be there for you during every step of this process.